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Hands as Feet : Foundations

Our hands are the most active parts of our bodies.

This course will honor all they are, from the hair on our fingers to the deep nerve endings within.

We will isolate different possible patterns, combine them in interesting ways, and leave room for you to improvise creatively on your own.

Day 1: Anatomy & palpation

Day 2: Joint isolations for improvisation & dance

Day 3: Grip, squeeze, twist, & expand

Day 4: Meridians

Day 5: Soft and hard approaches to the body

Day 6: Tension and shaking

Day 7: Using hands for relaxation

Day 8: Finger Strength

Day 9: Wrist Strength

Day 10: Elbow Strength

Day 11: Collapsing the arm (Falling)

Day 12: Standing on our hands

Day 13: Working with Rope

Day 14: Drawing, Dancing, Doodling

Please reach out to me if you would like to be added to the course – I have created a Facebook group to share progress through the material.


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